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About us:

2024 marks 20 years since MG Event and Sound was established.  We remain dedicated to providing a quality and personal service providing event support and live and installed sound and technical services in a range of settings.  Many of our clients return time and time again as we support their events and provide installed AV in their venues across the UK and further afield.  They return because the trust us to deliver.  


Where it is an Installation project we bring our live event experience into careful design using hardware we know will do the job well because we not only design and sell it, we use it.   Event Support is at the heart of our services with a real focus on the whole picture.  Its not just about sound or lighting, or video, or stage design, or site layout its about the whole picture - its about your event and ensuring it works for those both behind the scenes and walking through the doors.

The combined experience of our team runs into many decades.  We have worked on live events across the globe from Asia to America as well as across Europe ensuring the same level of reliability as we provide on the door step.    There are very few venue types we have not worked in, from the obvious such as Arenas, Theatres and Conference Centres to the more unusual such as museums, cathedrals, art galleries and even shoe shop!   In terms of event types again their is not much we have not done ranging from music events of all types and sizes to theatre, community performances, corporate conferences, awards ceremonies, fashion shows, dog shows, worship events, weddings and funerals, sports events and exhibitions.

Event Services

The Staff Team:


Mike Godden established the company and has been working in live sound and and managing events for more than three decades in one way or other.  Previously Projects Manager for Recreation Sound Ltd and Assistant Director of XLP Mike's experience of events involves being on both the technical side and as an event organiser.  He has travelled the world ensuring corporate events meet his clients expectations, engineered for everything from dance stages at Glastonbury to major worship leaders and top folk musicians.  He loves dealing with the unusual and creative aspects of events, if it can be done it will be done.  His installation portfolio has includes a wide variety of spaces from theme parks to arenas and cruise liners to historic churches.

Colin Hounsome came on board when the limited company was formed in 2016.   Having previously worked for SFL group for a decade and as a touring freelance monitor engineer Colin has and still does work with some top musicians both in the secular and gospel music scenes.  While now mostly overseeing event projects his live engineering work still requires him packing his production case and getting on the road.

Bryony Arnold prior to joining the team worked freelance as a sound technician on festivals and crewing for events of all types. She started her working carrier as a technician in a school having completed a degree in Music Technology.  Her role in the team now includes design and delivery of smaller AV Installations as well as technical support for our events.

Emma Atherton while the newest staff member has worked as part of the wider team for about 10 years.  A lighting specialist and superb hands on installer she has worked freelance for over a decade with many theatre companies on tours and shows. Between tours she has spent many hours making lighting of all types fit seamlessly into a range of spaces. Previously she was on the resident team at Chichester Festival Theatre.

Anji Forsyth is the core of our business administration staying on top of accounts and all things administration.  While she is rarely seen on an event or installation sites and we only let he loose with the simplest technical tasks when the rest of us are out and about the machine that supports your projects wouldn't turn without her!

The Wider Team:


The Freelance Team are crucial to the delivery of your events and installation projects. 

Most of our our wider team we have worked with or alongside for many many years and trust implicitly to deliver just as we would. As the project requires we will put the team in place, with backgrounds from broadcast to touring music corporate events to the building industry the team is made of many skill sets but what we ensure they all have in common is an ethos in delivering projects to the highest standard and on time.  If we have not got the skills in house we almost certainly do in our extended team.   

Our Suppliers. Our delivery of your projects is very dependent on our broader supply chain.

For events these include marquee and staging companies, event power and furniture suppliers to mention just a few.  In order to ensure your event is delivered as designed we will draw on those we know share our ethos many of whom we have worked with for decades.  Where we need to draw on new suppliers our experience allows us to draw on recommended resources and oversee them to ensure they deliver as we expect.

For installations and sales we have close working relationships with a range of suppliers and manufacturers that enables us to specify the right hardware for the right space.  We do have some preferred suppliers we work most closely with, in some cases right from development to delivery but our accounts with a range of distributors allow us to be competitive on many products and source almost anything technical your installation may need. 


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