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Event Services

Church based sound is a core of our business both in terms of installation and our live event support.  As a company we have worked with some of the largest and best known Christian worship leaders on live events, as well as having staff who week in week out are involved in local churches.  Balance this with our experience of installing AV systems in a wide range of buildings, we know that we can provide solutions that look and sound just right and are suited to users.  We offer free site visits, our quotes and designs include detailed information including plans and schematics if needed to meet requirements for planning and DAC approval.  We realise that for many churches installing new systems can be a long process; from the initial idea, obtaining permission and fund raising to delivery, and we will work with you through this process.                       Our broad experience allows us to design and install integrated systems including:

Speakers, control desks, microphones, monitoring

Video Projection, relay screens and streaming solutions

Stage and specialist lighting systems and control 

Accoustic Solutions such as panelling and drape systems

The main picture:

Holy Rood is a large is Catholic church in Swindon.  The system includes two large electric screens with HDMI input from a single computer and a simple to use PA system, with a number of radio and fixed microphones relaying sound to the main space, side chapel and rooms, The installation which we did in 2014 included cabling for future digital and screen upgrades, which 10 years on we are now looking at doing for the church, plus a control upgrade to a digital solution with simple pre-set recall panel in the sanctuary.


The images below show: 

The Priory Church at Breedon on the Hill, which is one of the oldest church buildings in the country and a grade one listed building. The speakers installed according to planning requirements are positioned in exactly the same place as a much older system and custom painted to blend in with stonework. 

The other is a image contemporary worship band at Christ Church Spitalfields, where over the years we have been involved in various phases of sound and video upgrade, for what is both a contemporary worship space and event space. Our input has included adding sound, screens and lighting in the balcony and a removable 5m projection solution.  We also supported CCSPITS for 3 years providing a technician for all services plus events as needed, as well as servicing and PAT testing of AV hardware. 

WP_20140829_20_09_34_Pro(1) 1.jpg
WP_20140829_20_09_34_Pro(1) 1.jpg
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