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Support Services:

Good quality sound, or video, or lighting is far more than just about the equipment. This is why we are so focused on understanding your needs and providing good customer support.


When we install systems we will always provide user training and be available following the installation to provide support either on phone or on site as needed.   For more complicated systems we offer a full training session based on your needs.   We can also provide ongoing or one of training on specific elements relating to sound lighting or video.  This can either be an add-on to an installation or as a service in its own right to help improve the skills of your team.

Please do contact us to discuss you training needs. 

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Event Services


Investment in quality AV hardware can be expensive, the better it is looked after the longer it lasts and the more reliable it is. Servicing can include PAT testing technical hardware, servicing projectors and lighting fixtures, amplifiers and control desks, fault finding and cable and hardware repairs.  Much of this we can carry out on site, if needed we can provide an emergency call out service for critical issues. Some clients book in regular annual services to ensure the best performance of systems, others simply call on us as needed.

Please do contact us if you feel a service would help your system.  

Loan and Hire Equipment

We understand that it can be extremely challenging when technical hardware fails, quite literally it can be a show stopper!  This is why as part of our standard 12 month warranty of our installations we offer loan equipment, if available, from our hire stock should your projector, desk, amplifier need to be returned under warranty*.   

As an events company we have available a range of hire hardware so if your installed hardware fails, even if we did not supply or install it, we should be able to get you up and running again until it is fixed from our hire stocks. 


How can we deal with the echo in our building?  We feel like our system should do what we need but it disappoints!  The person who knew how to use everything left!   We would like to be able to do X but have no idea where to start?    We would like to hang stage lights in the roof but are not sure if we can?   We are planning a new building but the architect is not use to performance spaces an their technical needs!   We want to put on an event in the town square and they have asked us for an event plan. These are all sentences which have started with a conversation and moved on to us providing  consultancy services no the full picture, get a solution that works and importantly are able to full-fill their aims successfully and efficiently.  The advantage of using our consultancy services for either installation or event projects is that we can work fully on your behalf.  We charge you for our time and costs but then can help you get the best value solution.     This can either involve a simple report giving options or budget costs or us providing a full design and management service including helping asses tenders and running the project to completion.   Almost without exception money spent on getting us involved will almost certainly be saved in our ability to design well and implement efficiently.   

If you would like to talk more about your project do get in touch.

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