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Live Sound is at the heart of what MG Event and Sound is all about.

From concert to conference,  club to cathedral we will ensure your sound is just right.

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Concert Sound




Outdoor Events


Special Events


Grass Routes


We have a great team of engineers with a real depth and decades of experience of live sound who have worked across the globe both with artists of the highest level and on corporate events.  

From live music in arenas and outdoor festivals, to a few microphones for a grass roots performance, speeches by corporate CEO's to community presentations, great live sound is about understanding the needs of those on stage, the expectations of the audience, the acoustics of the space and correct use of of hardware.   

We have a large inventory of in-house equipment including digital and analogue sound desks, line array and point source speaker systems.   Whether you are a professional musician, business event organiser, theatre or community group we will work with you to provide all that is needed to make it sound great.       

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