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Great lighting makes events. Whether concert, banquet, theatre show, conference or festival

investing in great lighting takes productions to another level.





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Fashion Shows



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We have built an in-house lighting inventory with a range of conventional and moving fixtures to cover the needs of a most types of events. Most of our fixtures are now LED which is very power efficient enabling lighting to be used in venues which previously did not have sufficient power . 

We also have a range of support systems to enable lighting to be mounted either from the ground on stands or on suspended truss. This include winch towers that will trim to over 5 meters and support significant weights.

A proportion of our lighting is rated for outdoor use, this enables us to light your event both inside and outside and on the approaches to it.

Lighting is more than just having the hardware its about having the design skill to work with clients to achieve the looks they want.  Our team includes specialist lighting engineers with years of experience working on a range of projects in venues from historic buildings to theatres and club venues to arenas.  We love to take time with you to ensure things look just right for your project.       

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Music Sevices
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