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Take the stress out of your event with our management and technical production services.

From conferences to festivals our team can ensure everything you need is in place.

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Event Services

Our team supports wide range of clients to deliver events including: festivals, conferences and shows. 

For some events we just provide sound, video and stage lighting or projection,

for others it includes full event production or management services. 

Working closely with clients to understand the program we start with site surveys and design through to delivering an entire working site.  We can oversee everything from structures to signage, power to toilets, showers, waste management and every practical or technical aspect of your event.  

Each venue is carefully designed from flooring to lighting, stage and set to power and technical requirements.    We can either put in place a small team working with your own to deliver the event or a full professional production team to deliver a site or venue ready for you to walk into. The process is the same weather a greenfield site, hotel, conference centre, concert hall or community space. 

We are always ready to talk through your project and ideas.

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